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  Member testimonials

At Playfair Jiu Jitsu Edinburgh we believe the student comes first, we take a more progressive and modern attitude on marital arts, self defence and teaching. We focus on keeping up to date with the latest developments in our sport and it is the task of the coaching team to support and work with all of our members as equals.



Age - 25

Belt - Blue

Other Hobbies - Playing guitar, football, chess

Experience at the club/What I like - In 7 months I’ve learned and developed more than in the previous 4 years of training.  I enjoy training and competing more as a result of Stevens guidance and the group mentality at the club that fosters growth through collaboration as well as competition.  I like that the ethos of the club inspires innovation, and the experienced members can teach me cutting edge new techniques every time I go to training.

Goals - To train more, compete more and build on my silver medal from the Scottish open.  Hopefully one day to be a black belt.

To someone who isn’t sure - you might be right, but you won’t know until you try and there isn’t a better place to find out than at Playfair.


Name: Joseph
Age - 21
Belt - white
Other hobbies - hiking, surfing, snowboarding


When did you join Playfair Jiu-Jitsu ?


Been at the club since the end of February 2022, training a couple times a week and did a competition in March.


What do you like about the club ?


The great people/coaches make it such fun and it’s a brilliant atmosphere to learn in.

Do you have any goals?

To win a competition!

What would you say to anyone who is isn’t sure it’s for them? 

The best way to find out is to give it a go, sure it can be daunting but everyone’s very welcoming you’ll feel part of the gang straight away!

Behind the Scenes


Name: Ricardo
Experience: Brown belt
Age: 50 years young
Other hobbies: Philosophy 

What’s your experience with the club?


I’ve known Steven and Mariusz for several years now I have 
Always been impressed with their in-depth knowledge of the sport. 

Steven and Mariusz’s competitive experience is off the scale. They always have an answer for everything in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Steven has trained all over the world before many were doing this, and more notably at ATOS in America arguably the best competition gym in the world with Andre Galvao and Keenan two of my idols. This was before BJJ fanatics and that always stood out. He is willing to go to these places and bring the knowledge back. They both have links with best clubs in Scotland and Europe such as the Griphouse, Higher Level and Rio Grappling affiliates in Europe.

What do you like about the club? 


The most attractive aspect of this club for me is that it is a modern club with a relaxed environment and a safe environment for everyone.

The quality of teaching and learning in this club is always up to date with the latest techniques. As a brown belt I am always learning in this club. Such as new details on my favourite techniques which keep me ahead of the youngsters and their flashy moves they seem to invent.


What are your Personal Goals? 

For me it’s not about the next belt, I am really enjoying my learning and meeting new people, for many people Brazilian jiu jitsu is a social club and this is true at Playfair Jiu Jitsu, this improves my social life. I enjoy rolling with different people from different backgrounds and learning about these experiences in life and we get to help each other improve in a sport we all enjoy. 

What would you say to someone who is nervous about signing up?


Just do it!

Nobody is used to these kinds of situations the sport will put you in but jiu jitsu will teach you to endure to handle the stress and keep your mind sharp. 

At my age I feel confident when dealing situations on and off the mats. 

Life can be demanding, and it’s helped me become a better person mentally as well as physically. 

I have also got my son involved and look forward to seeing him progress with the club and sport. 


Age : 29 

Belt : White 

Other hobbies : Gym, Running and Gaming when I get the chance. 


What is your experience with being part of the club?


I have been with the gym since January regularly making 2/3 classes a week.  I had attended a few classes before but then lockdown happened.  Which was in a different venue, so it was nice to come in January and for Playfair to be based within their own gym.


What do you enjoy about Playfair Jiu Jitsu?


I would pick Playfair BJJ simply because of the instruction that is given to every technique that you do.  Steve and Mariusz have a very particular but great way of teaching which I believe that transcends onto their students.  They get the best out of their students, and it shows on the mat each week.

Personal Goals:  

To be the best version of myself, dedicate myself as much as time allows me to progress onto achieving higher belts and competing to the best of my ability.


What would you say to someone unsure about signing up?


Just do it, I was apprehensive about taking in the sport because I’m a heavy guy and it has really helped my confidence and weight loss, but regardless of size, strength, or background, I feel like everyone in the gym will make you feel welcome, and you’ll benefit from that



34 years 

White belt 

Other hobbies: body building 


What’s your experience with the club?


My boyfriend started coming to this club and obviously I can’t have him being better than me at something, so I decided to try it out. I started with private lessons with Christina then progressed into the ladies only class and then onto the mixed classes. 


Any sport I’ve done previous to this has been individual and I really enjoy the team aspect Playfair Jiu Jitsu has to offer. 


I am a competitive person by nature 

Team sports I’ve experienced in the past usually have inner politics and rivalry’s  so I tend to avoid doing them but what I found at Playfair that this doesn’t exist nobody has an ego here and everyone wants to learn and help each other learn.


What do you like about the club?


I really enjoy the camaraderie at Playfair Jiu Jitsu. 


I’ve never experienced this kind of friendship at a club before. Steven and Christina really care about everyone’s progress. 


This sport challenges my mind as well as my body I feel a part of something, and I’ve met some amazing people through being here. 


The different styles of coaching everyone has to offer has really improved my learning.


I enjoy that everyone is accepting of everyone and the ability they possess 

Regardless of what classes I attend.




My only goals are to continue to learn

I don’t feel obligated or pressure to compete I mainly just want to improve and learn in open environment, Playfair Jiu Jitsu offers me this environment to pursue my hobby. 


Oh and beating my boyfriend ! 


What would you say to someone who is hesitant about signing up?


It’s not as bad as you think I get that coming into a class is intimidating but just jump in and commit to it you won’t regret it!

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